Tips On Investing The Right Real Estate

Tips On Investing The Right Real Estate – Choose a house that is completely new is an attractive option. You do not have to bother to pay remodeling, fixing water pipes or replacing the power cord. Because your residence is ready for habitation and the key has been given to you. Now to think about is where to put all your favorite furniture. Buying a new house so it’s easier because you still have plenty of space to set up. The hunters were not pressed home time, can buy property when it was launched or when they were built. But for those who want to move as quickly as possible, projects which have been completed more ideal and usually still available units that can be purchased. These units are sold directly by the developer. That is, you get a unit that is completely new and free to choose units with a total floor built.

Tips On Investing The Right Real Estate. Another advantage is affordable price for Del Sur Real Estate San Diego. The selling price of the new project could be lower than resale homes, and this means you get a facility that is completely new for a better price. You also no longer need to renovate the place. The property could be used as a valuable long-term investment. But such investment in general, market research should be done before. In the right environment, the value of the investment will grow rapidly. In fact, there are people who sell the units before construction is completed apartment. Some are choosing to rent out their units, so that they are faster return on investment.

Where you can buy a new home? There are many projects that are sold in US. Many large developers who have stock building ready for habitation. If you are interested in buying a new home and want to move as quickly as possible, it is better to move now. Happy house hunting! PT Development Housing (PTPP) Property optimistic property industry in 2015 will be able to achieve growth of 10% – 15% this year. This is somewhat contrary to observers estimate that the property business continued to slow down due to rising fuel prices, interest rates and electricity basic tariff.

Operations Director Galina Saksono PTPP property also confidently say the property will rise. “Says who fell? Yesterday my friends observers say it will go up 10% -15%.” It is said by Galina Saksono when announced it will launch Ayoma apartments at Reina Del Sur, United States, Tuesday (06/01). Even PTPP property marketing targets Rp 2.5 trillion in 2015. This target rose as much as Rp 1 trillion, or 80% from last year. In early 2014, the company targets Rp 800 billion, and continued to rise until it reaches Rp 1.4 triliun.Direktur Operational PTPP Galih Saksono property also confidently say the property will rise.

Ayoma Apartments project consists of two towers with units of various types as much as 1000-2000 units such on La Quinta Real Estate California. “This is the strategy of the company to meet the increasing needs of residential, with an investment of Rp 500 billion,” said Galina Saksono. Ayoma apartments will be launched in February 2015. For the new groundbreaking will begin in the fourth quarter of 2015. Prices were opened was Rp 17 million per square meter. Galina also very optimistic about the sale of the apartment, he believes in the five months of being able to sell as much as 60 percent.

PTPP property is also still continue to improve themselves for a planned IPO or Initial Public offering (IPO). Property PTPP the plan will target the second quarter of 2015 in May. Galina Saksono a target of funding could reach Rp 1.5 trillion. Tips On Investing The Right Real Estate. The project is tilled today PTPP property is currently working on several major projects such as Paladian park Jakarta, Grand Kamala Lagon Bekasi, Grand Sungkono Lagon, Apartment Pavilion Gem Tower 1 & 2 Surabaya, Sungkono Business park Surabaya, The Ayoma Reina Del Sur, Gunung Putri Square Bogor, Payon Amartha La Quinta.

Director General of the Ministry of Housing Supply Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) Syarif Burhanuddin ask Housing prepares to face serious foreign companies. Housing future must be able to compete and prepare themselves to face the influx of foreign investment in the housing sector. Now there are bids from a number of companies from China who wish to participate in housing construction programs and they are very enthusiastic for this investment, Sharif said in his press conference on Wednesday (13/5).

According to Sharif, the challenges faced in the housing program Housing will be more and more. In addition to the limited land available for public housing, the housing sector’s competitors will also come from abroad. Sharif asked Housing mutual support and synergy with the foreign companies in the government program initiated by the government a million homes.