The City Guide to Ontario

Visiting Ontario? Check out our short city guide and make sure your trip is an exciting one.

Starting in the east, you’re faced with a land dominated by forests and lakes. It’s wonderful for those who love outdoor activities. There’s numerous towns with a rich history as well as Canada’s capital, Ottawa. It’s worth taking a significant diversion from your planned route if it means that you can see the city. Central Ontario is a calm and placid place that has been given the nickname “Cottage Country.”

Northern Ontario is much more remote and wild and is home to many lush forests. The communities here are more isolated and rural. This part of the province is wonderful for those who prefer an element of remoteness in their travels. It stands in stark contrast to the southwest area that is marked by rural farming and gentle countryside. The most urban area in Ontario is what is referred to as the “Golden Horse Shoe,” and lies to the far southeast. This is where you will find the most exciting of the province’s city life.

Toronto is the most heavily populated city in Canada and is located on the north shore of Lake Ontario. It forms the hub of the Golden Horshoe that was mentioned above. The city has a rich history and has been populated historically by different ethnic groups, and continues to be a melting pot of cultures. The range of things to do is well beyond this article, but Toronto is a huge city and any desire you have will most likely be catered for.

Thunder Bay is a small (in terms of population) city that lies at the far northern point of the network of great lakes (on Lake Superior). It’s historically been an important agricultural trade point because of its beneficial geographical location. There’s lots to do in the city and it’s in a process of growing. There’s some great deals on Thunder Bay hotels, whether you’re going for business or for pleasure.

Ottawa: The nation’s capital has much to recommend it. Ottawa is an elegant and engaging city and it’s well worth making a trip even if it’s the only place you visit. It is widely regarded as one of the most culturally integrated cities in the world, and people from a vast array of different cultures call it their home. Parliament Hill is one of the main attractions. Alongside this, you’ll also definitely want to check out National gallery and the world-renowned Museum of Civilization.

Niagra Falls is the city that is located near the famous waterfall, and is called the “honeymoon capital of the world.” The city is mainly a tourist destination that attracts, along with young lovers, a large following of outdoor enthusiasts.

Hamilton, one of the smaller cities, is located near to Thunder Bay and has a great deal of activities to keep you occupied if you decide to visit.

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