The Bahamas – My Place in the Sun

If you’ve never spent time in the Bahamas, you are missing out. Before you book your trip pick up a Caribbean travel magazine to learn more about this magical destination. This beautiful island in the sun has everything a traveler would want, except for snow. Nassau is the busiest and most populated area with the most interesting sites to visit. You can spend some relaxing time visiting sites like St. Augustine’s Monastery, Ardastra Gardens, Pirates of Nassau Museum, the Water Tower, or the Bahamas Historical Museum. These sites are great for the whole family.

For the more adventurous, there are excellent snorkeling and scuba diving trips that go out regularly from the beaches of Nassau. You can snorkel with the sharks and swim in schools of colorful fish in the shallow water. The water is a brilliant crystal blue with white sand, and you can see everything below and around you. These tour couriers will even pick you up wherever you are staying but plan to leave early in the morning.

If getting in the water is not your cup of tea, then contact Exuma Powerboat Adventure or the Nassau SUB Bahamas Adventure tours. On the Powerboat Adventure you will be able to cruise to your own private island in the sun. The SUB adventure is awesome! You actually ride around in the coral gardens in your own private submarine. It is a memorable adventure to be immersed with the underwater world while staying dry, so take plenty of pictures. The time that I went we saw an octopus and a school of seahorses!

There is also plenty do on the beaches. You can lounge in a shady gazebo or rent snorkel gear to see the fishes on the reef. There are jet skis to rent from the major hotels. Some travel facilities even have sunset cruises with champagne and fine dining as well as paragliding. It is no wonder with the white sand and fluorescent blue water that so many people get married or honeymoon here. It is paradise.

If you enjoy the nightlife, check out the casinos and shows. There is always something happening: comedians, dance shows, singers, magicians, musicals and jugglers. Many of the larger hotels have casinos and restaurants with 5 Star menus. People are sparkling in their finest attire as they play black jack or craps. The Wyndham Nassau Resort is one of my favorites. It’s like a mini-city on the beach. You can find everything you need on site. It is beautifully appointed with immaculate gardens. This hotel alone is worth the visit.

Getting there is easy since many of the airlines will fly non-stop. My flight from Atlanta on American Airlines usually runs about $375 which is a bargain. I don’t like cab rides so I usually rent a car at Avis since I have always found they are competitive, give great service and have a large selection of convertibles. Go to the Bahamas, get a tan and have a lot of fun!