Professional Vitamix 750 Review

I am not good at cooking, but I like to buy some kitchen appliances. In my opinion, the development of technology makes our life better. The Professional Vitamix 750 is my favorite one, which is one kind of mixer. And it is one of the best selling types in this category. The 64 Oz container just stands for the volume of the container. I am so pleasure to share with you about my pleasant usage experience.

Professional Vitamix 750 Review

It is so quiet. I am sensitive about the sound, and I hate all kinds of noise, especially when I am sleeping. If the noise of kitchen appliance is so huge, I will be angry. The Professional Vitamix 750 with 64 Oz container is so quiet. Also, this characteristic is most often mentioned by the other users. Someone has made a test of comparison, at 6 feet away, the common mixer measured 92 decibels at its highest speed, and the Vita-Mix 750 measured 86 decibels. The common one is four times as loud as the 750, and the loudness almost doubles for each 3 decibel increase.

It is so convenient.

No doubtable, the big, wide container is my favorite, which drives me to purchase it directly. It is so convenient for me to chop the stone food, especially for the big one, just like the carrots, not exactly uniform, but really fast. I have to chop the stone food into pieces before mixing; the 64 Oz container has enough space to chop. I love this type.

It is worthy of your pay.

I have to say, a lot of persons complain that the price is higher than others. The Vitamix 750 is about twice the price of the reconditioned, good as new, full warranty basic Vitamix, which was tempting. Well, it is true that the price of the Vitamix Professional 750 with 64 Oz container is expensive for many persons. But, please don’t forget that, a good friend will help you more. I think it is worthy of your pay. Whatever, it just depends on what do you want.

The 7 year warranty

It is a major factor why so many persons decide to purchase it. Few products have enough confidence to promise so long warranty, but The Vitamix 750 do. And the Vitamix Customer Service and their receipt are very knowledgeable and friendly. It proves that it is worthy of your pay again.

The Vitamix 750 is so good, but there is also something you have to focus on. That is on the 64 Oz container, the measurement increments are clear and raised, and almost impossible to read. If you are making soups, you have to measure liquids in a separate measuring cup. No biggie, but it is a minor inconvenience. The 32 Oz container is clearly marked in black. So you should clearly know about what do you need before buying it.