Myrtle Beach Madness

Looking for the perfect family vacation spot to spend your holidays this year? Think Myrtle Beach. In recent years Myrtle Beach has waned in popularity from the days of the late 90’s but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great place to enjoy your vacation. If you like to bring your family to a fun place with some great beaches then Myrtle Beach is right for you. There is plenty of night life there as well for the younger crowd but far enough away that families can still enjoy nice quiet evenings on the beach with camping and cookouts as well. Myrtle Beach is a quiet community with lots of beachfront to enjoy but the community is a little different than say a Daytona beach which is well known for their spring breaks. There is a culture surrounding Myrtle Beach that isn’t afraid to have campgrounds close to the beach itself although you can still find Myrtle Beach hotels if camping isn’t quite your style.

Because of this more relaxed atmosphere there is a large population of families that come to Myrtle Beach which makes it a great place to visit if you have a family as well. As I mentioned earlier, there is still some night life not far from the main beach locations but if you want a wild and crazy vacation, then Myrtle Beach probably isn’t the place for you. If this was 20 years ago that might not be as true as it is today. These days Myrtle Beach has quieted down considerably and is considered more of a family vacation destination than it was in the past. The younger crowd has moved on to places like Las Vegas for their partying it seems according to various travel sites. But like I said that is probably just fine by you if you have a family and want something a little less raucous for your family vacation.

You can spend your whole vacation taking in the beautiful scenery while relaxing on the beach every day with some light mingling and barbecues and campfires by night but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find anything fun for the family to do if you decide to take a trip to Myrtle Beach. There are plenty of nearby attractions for your family to enjoy by day if you choose to. There are raceways and historical sites to visit within an hour or less drive from Myrtle Beach.

We like to mix it up when we visit Myrtle Beach. We spend half of our days going to nearby attractions like a raceway or amusement park to help the kids burn off some energy and we spend the other half of our vacation swimming in the ocean, relaxing at the beach and doing some light partying at night. There are usually some big get-togethers on the campgrounds where a bonfire is bound to be raging through the weekends where you can relax with a beer and meet some great people while the children are sleeping back in the tent or cabin. If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, there are plenty of hotels along the beach as well.