Money Maker: Beezag – Watch Videos and Earn Cash

Back in December, 2010 I started using a website called Beezag. It asks you questions about your shopping habits, likes and dislikes, future plans, etc. Then it matches you with advertisement videos. These videos generally run from less than a minute to several minutes. So far I’ve had music videos, Amazon (Kindle) videos, numerous beauty products videos, etc. To ensure that you have watched the video, two numbers flash – one near the beginning and one near the end. You enter those numbers and then submit to earn the points. For each video you watch, you will also be awarded with discount coupons. If you make a purchase using one of those coupons, you can send it to Beezag and earn additional points.

I have dealt with customer service due to two videos not displaying any numbers. Customer service was very quick to reply – an actual human being who had read my email. They credited me for my trouble, and made a few suggestions. All in all, I was extremely impressed.

PayPal Payment
A few weeks ago they ran a weekend long special where all videos were worth 500 points. Thanks to that I was able to do my first cashout of $8. The money arrived in my Paypal account within a week. You have three options when cashing out. One option is to have it sent to your Paypal account. A second option is to have a check mailed to you. The third option is to donate it to a charity.

I generally have one to three videos each day. Video points range from 40 – 150. Cash out happens at 8,000 points ($8.00.) It is a well designed and well run site. All in all, it is a very fun and easy way to earn a little side income.