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Must Do Things When You Travel to Saskatoon

If you are planning to go to Saskatoon then there are many things you need to watch out for. This place surely carries a lot of attraction for the traveler. It has parks and museums that will add pleasure to your trip and make it fun and memorable. Before you plan to travel to this wonderland the best thing to do is to gather as much information as possible so that you can identify the best spots and visit all the tourist spots in Saskatoon. I will just give you a guideline so that your trip can be fun and enjoyable. Continue reading

Travel Tips in Booking Cheap Flight Tickets

Time flies so fast and you might be surprised how it’s almost the end of the season but you haven’t made any travel arrangements yet. Family vacations are one of the most events in life that you never should miss out on or plan poorly. Every year, there is that certain time where we travel with the family whether locally or internationally to spend time together and enjoy the holidays. However, when family vacations are concerned, we should also make the right plans so that everything will fit in your budget. Traveling in groups can be generally expensive as you need to anticipate per person costing depending on the destination. A budget vacation can be challenging if you do not know how to find ways in reducing the cost wherever possible. Continue reading

The City Guide to Ontario

Visiting Ontario? Check out our short city guide and make sure your trip is an exciting one.

Starting in the east, you’re faced with a land dominated by forests and lakes. It’s wonderful for those who love outdoor activities. There’s numerous towns with a rich history as well as Canada’s capital, Ottawa. It’s worth taking a significant diversion from your planned route if it means that you can see the city. Central Ontario is a calm and placid place that has been given the nickname “Cottage Country.” Continue reading

The Bahamas – My Place in the Sun

If you’ve never spent time in the Bahamas, you are missing out. Before you book your trip pick up a Caribbean travel magazine to learn more about this magical destination. This beautiful island in the sun has everything a traveler would want, except for snow. Nassau is the busiest and most populated area with the most interesting sites to visit. You can spend some relaxing time visiting sites like St. Augustine’s Monastery, Ardastra Gardens, Pirates of Nassau Museum, the Water Tower, or the Bahamas Historical Museum. These sites are great for the whole family. Continue reading

Myrtle Beach Madness

Looking for the perfect family vacation spot to spend your holidays this year? Think Myrtle Beach. In recent years Myrtle Beach has waned in popularity from the days of the late 90’s but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great place to enjoy your vacation. If you like to bring your family to a fun place with some great beaches then Myrtle Beach is right for you. There is plenty of night life there as well for the younger crowd but far enough away that families can still enjoy nice quiet evenings on the beach with camping and cookouts as well. Myrtle Beach is a quiet community with lots of beachfront to enjoy but the community is a little different than say a Daytona beach which is well known for their spring breaks. There is a culture surrounding Myrtle Beach that isn’t afraid to have campgrounds close to the beach itself although you can still find Myrtle Beach hotels if camping isn’t quite your style. Continue reading