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Citing Creative Commons Content Just Got Much Easier

Most people who blog very often know that at some point they are going to need to use a picture or other item which they find on the internet. Through sites such as flickr.com or using Google’s advanced image search, it is possible to find non-copyrighted pictures. These are generally licensed under Creative Commons and […]

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A Somber Yet Important Message

How many times have you been driving down the road and seen the car ahead of you or next to you swerving in their lane? You get up next to them, and can tell that they are looking down at their phone. Maybe they’re texting, maybe they’re looking up the weather, maybe they’re entering a […]

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Money Maker: Beezag – Watch Videos and Earn Cash

Back in December, 2010 I started using a website called Beezag. It asks you questions about your shopping habits, likes and dislikes, future plans, etc. Then it matches you with advertisement videos. These videos generally run from less than a minute to several minutes. So far I’ve had music videos, Amazon (Kindle) videos, numerous beauty […]

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Looking For a Job? Be Willing to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the past two years I went to school online to obtain my Masters in Library Science while tutoring to earn a living. In January I started the process of filling out applications at numerous schools across the country. By April, I had applied to schools in at least 12 […]

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Graduated From Grad School Debt Free!

I started the online library science program in July, 2009. At the time I had visions of being able to finish it in a one-year time span. Program limitations made that plan impossible. So, I adjusted my plan to finishing in two-years. In hindsight, that really was the better way to go, at least financially.

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